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Sociolinguistic workshops and learning French

ASL / French

These workshops are an approach of training and support for everyone coming from here or elsewhere – a real commitment into making France your home through the French language, for easying your everyday life and all kind of interactions in your living space.

Year program. Access and departure at any time. 2 registration sessions per year : at the end of August and at the beginning of January – positioning test of the level in French when registering.

To register, please bring ID, CAF number and the CIR contract of the OFII if need be. Prices according to the incomes and the number of classes selected. No classes during the school breaks.

ASL oral expression (classes during the day or in the evenings)
Appropriating the social spaces of the city and of the neighborhood workshops. For people having difficulties in the administrative actions, for the everyday French, or for people wanting to improve their French
ASL improvement
Strengthening your level both in oral and written French workshops
ASL written French in everyday life

Mastering the reading and the writting of the useful French workshops for the everyday life

Various learnings and level strengthening workshops
Learning the highway code, writting workshops, literacy, learning the living together, level strengthening, computing…
Individual coaching workshops in reading and writting, for people over 16 and who have been schooled in France.